Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long time no Blog

Wow this blog is in serious need of an update!

Lets go way back!

June! wow
This saw a fun race when me, Jp, and Matt competed in a 3 man team at the 12hrs of Temecula. Which saw us take 6th in very compedative class!

After a small break to get married :) It was back to training.

Next up the San Deigo Multi Park Marathon (50 miles)
Was a great race I learned a ton about feeding.... I was cramping so bad at the end of the race I vowed never to screw up my Electrolyte balance again!
I came in 2nd in CAT 2 and 11th overall! So stoked as my training was really coming around!

Now it was a couple weeks later and I learned so much at the Multi park race I was ready to put it to use at the Socal Epic 50 miler! I learned about pace and I learned about feeding and it was time to use that to try and really win!
I set out pretty fast but held back and let 1 CAT 2 rider go and at ~mile 18 I caught and passed him and never saw him again. I ate and fueled well even in the 90deg heat no cramps! I rode this race to profection! my training had paid forward and I WON cat 2 and came in 12th overall in a much deeper field (behind Tinker, Ben Bostrom, Guy Sutton)

Well here I am 10 days away from my A 2010 race the 12hrs of Temecula solo race! I feel strong, fit, experienced, and ready to crush it! My goal isn't to place, to win, or beat others as much as this is a race again myslef. Its going to be 75% mental. Can I ride my bike fast for 12hrs... can I fuel right and keep my head in the game for that long? My goal in my head is 10 laps.... if I can toss down 10 laps (which will be roughly 110 miles and 12,000' of climbing) I'll feel like I couldn't have raced any better in 2010!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Idyllwild Spring Challenge 2010

Great race weekend!
CAT 2 30-34 XC 3rd
CAT 2 30-39 ITT 3rd
Open Men 30-39 Super D 13th

Stage Race CAT 2 30-39 1st!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Santa Ynez

Race #2 of the year is in the books was a really fun weekend!

Took 2nd in CAT2 30-34 pretty psyched about that considering I was 12th last year at the same race.....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Training, Injuries, races, and Boston

Well after a killer winter of tarining my ass off I went and over did it a bit and have some inflamation in my knee then to top it all off I went over board in the gym and hurt my lower back...

So february was filled with doubt, angerm frustration, and ultimately lessons learned. Got into PT at and am on a good path not 100% but close!

After missing the first 2 races of the season I was pumped to race the RacersNChasers winter series finally!

Sun was out my body was feeling good and my nerves were def saying "welcome back to racing" Robert was on his moto leading out the race and I hit the gas from the start and got the whole shot into the woods Race Start Vid

Once I had good position I sat up and let others take over the work at the front. I sat in 4th over the top of teh first climb and once back down I was in no mans land btween a lead group of 3 and the 5-6 rider deep chase pack... on the flat back to teh start/finish I was caught by the chase group... 2nd lap I knew hammering the climb wasn't gonna get me back up to the leaders as they were too far out now so I recruited another rider to try and break away from the chase group on the climb and work together to stay away. I worked and I took 4th overall and 2nd in 30-39. Was a really fun race and gave me a ton of confidence that I can hang with the leaders! Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

After the race was a nice little rest week with a "fitness test" up Mnt Soledad was feeling ok... and the numbers didn't lie the legs were better then last time. Beat my PR by 45sec! Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

From there it was straight to the redeye and off to Boston for the weekend, got in a gym spin friday and a uber fun COLD as hell ride with Joe Saturday

mid Ride Vid

Before going out at 4:30pm and staying out till 2:30am, closing down Brukowski's with a veggy meatball sub in hand!

Looking forward to some hard training coming up and more spring racing!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Wow I have been slacking.....

Since the introduction of trainingpeaks to track my rides and twitter to post random thoughts, pics/vid this blog has been layed to the side....

Thought I'd try and do a monthly update still though.

Decmeber saw Base training ramp up big time 522 miles! Decemeber was my biggest month of 2009... wtf? historically decmeber and january I sit around and get fat... This year I lost about 10lbs from November to February... nice change :)

Ok the stats for 2009 were bigger and better then I could have ever hoped.

Total Miles 4,097
MTB miles 1,346
road miles 2,228
CX miles 126
Trainer miles 396

holy crap I did almost 400 miles on my freakin trainer! wow that was $80 well spent on that thing!

Month broke down as follows
Jan 111
Feb 237
Mar 325
Apr 324
May 381
Jun 283
Jul 338
Aug 499
Sep 340
Oct 341
Nov 388
Dec 522

Grand total of 381 hours on the bike in 2009 (thats avg'ing more then an hour a day all year :)

Gonna say that 2009 was bigger and better then I dreamed, started to get comfortable racing XC. Raced in 12 XC races and 1 Marathon race. Best result was 2nd in XC and I took 3rd in the Marathon. I plan on racing CAT 2 for 1 more season I'm really hoping to make the jump to CAT 1 after this year.

2010 Plans
Big XC spring Campaghn
Sage Bruch 2/28
Bonelli 3/13
RacersNChasers 3/20
Sea Otter 4/17
Idyllwild Classic 5/1

Then a big fun trip to Fruita/Moab in May

Final race of the spring 12hrs of Temecula 4Man team 6/12

A break over the summer to rest a bit and have some fun before real training begins again

Fall is for the tough stuff!!!
Socal Epic 50 10/2
12 hrs of Temecula SOLO 11/13

Its been a wet/cold winter here in Socal (well cold and wet for socal) but i've been pretty diligent about training. Save for a gym related injury and some knee issues (due to not stretching enough) I'm trucking along as I gear up for the first race of the season.

Pics and vid from Sage brush and all races. is up and running stay tuned there for race reports.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Twas a big month topped 3,500 miles more then I ever expected to do!

took 2nd in a sport XC race

Been doing some serious base miles december is expected to be no slower! wow will prob get close to 4,000 miles this year blowing my goal out of the water!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rodder ride/ IF SS

had a fun ride with the rodder racing crew all 3 of us :)

also wrenched on the IF and dusted it off, built it back up as a SS pump track bike :) what is was ment for! and to think I races 24hr of MOAB on that bike last year.... I was nuts....